One of the most courageous things we can do is to allow ourselves to experience joy amidst our sorrow.  ~LHP

Wisdom of Grief

Wendy: “It is easy to lose sight of gifts in the midst of loss. The story unfolds in heartbreaking detail with raw pain and emotional suffering; throughout, however, it speaks to the healing available through meditation whether the reader is experienced or new to the practice. I have read and re-read all or parts of this book as I have worked my way to healing from my own personal losses this summer. It is easy to lose sight of gifts in the midst of tragedy and Leslie’s book has helped me remind me of those gifts that I had let myself forget.”

The Wisdom
of Grief: Mining the Treasure Inherent in Great Loss

The Wisdom of Grief takes bereavement literature one step further- it offers a new angle on grief and loss and helps us to focus on the timeless peace available to us in the midst of it, giving us an inspiring perspective on this widespread and very human experience.”

Part memoir of complicated grief, part professional perspective on bereavement, part guidebook through the transcendental journey of grief, The Wisdom of Grief is about utilizing tragedy as an opportunity for transformation, providing a method for how to turn our traumas into our own valuable source of inner wealth. It is a comprehensive, solution based program to guide us, whatever our spiritual affiliation, toward the gifts in this very widespread and very human experience.

THE WISDOM OF GRIEF walks us through the phases of any grieving process, while offering specific antidotes to the various aspects of grief, in the form of contemplations and guided meditations, helping us to access the innumerable opportunities lying in wait at each point. It is a comprehensive, solution based spiritual program to guide us, whatever our religious affiliation, toward the gifts in the life altering but not so unusual experiences of deep grief. THE WISDOM OF GRIEF is a map, guiding us gently toward a place beyond fear, where an immense treasure lies, waiting to be unearthed.

The book is here as a tool to assist you to feel understood, to delineate the universal sticking points of grief, to provide you with new perspectives through which to view loss, and to introduce practices for navigating grief mindfully. It can be read as a self care guide, with practices for bearing the unbearable aspects of loss and transmuting them into peace.

Mary B: “I loved this book! I read it in one day! It tells a heart wrenching story of devastating loss and grief and yet, somehow, the author is able to not only provide us with the comfort of knowing she survived it all but provides us with very practical step by step methods for relieving the overwhelming feelings that accompany such a loss. I would recommend this book to anyone dealing with the death of a loved one. I know I will turn to it again and again in the years ahead when I need it.”

Sarah H: “An absolute must for anyone who has suffered significant losses in their life. I was mesmerized by this book. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one day. I’ve gone back to it many times and find new takeaways each time. The vulnerability with which it is written is so compelling and appreciated. I aspire to face the losses in my life with the same grace and positivity as Leslie.”


SB: “A book of enduring impact and insight. A brave, beautiful, poignant, engrossing guide. Palumbo has written a book of enduring impact and given her readers the gift of insight. There is bravery, poetry, humor and true wisdom in her tenderly wrought pages. Thank you.”

One of the most courageous things we can do is to allow ourselves to experience joy amidst our sorrow.  ~LHP

Tools of Grief

I offer tools for traveling through the landscape of Grief to a better, more expanded place. When we have the right tools, we can move from heartbreak to consolation and beyond. We find the wisdom to know the difference between the things we can and cannot change about this wound. We can walk through the door of sadness to rest in possibility, enchantment, and wellbeing.

Imagine a radiant place where love and connection are the rule- a place where we hold what is left of our loved ones in our hearts, bringing their memory forward with us as we embrace the awe and wonder that life still offers us even in the midst of, and after, deep sorrow.

Grief happens to all of us. Its purpose is restorative and even expansive. We don’t thrive from loss but we rise by our response to it.

Let me help you gather the supplies to rise to this new place.

Tools of Grief

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Leslie Palumbo


Leslie Hunt Palumbo, LCSW

Guiding grieving people toward joy again by changing the conversation around grief to include the perspective and empowerment to live lives their loved ones would be proud of.

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