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For me, the education of grief is my calling in this life, and I have committed my life to the study of it. I take it extremely seriously. And I am truly honored by what I continue to learn from the people I have had the privilege to meet and work with. I am grateful for their trust and their willingness to share their journeys so we can all grow together.

I can accept...

“Leslie was my ‘Angel of Grief’. She arrived in my life at the right moment, my moment of most profound sadness, and she guided me to a place where I could see and hold it all- the beauty and the terror of my loss. I never thought I would say this, but I now see this terrible tragedy in my life as something that has actually made me a better person. I still miss my daughter every day, but I can also see ways that I’m a better person now. And I can accept all of that.”

more positive...

“Four years after losing my partner, I feel less depressed and stuck in my grief. Leslie’s approach helped me shift my perspective. I feel more positive about my life ahead, like there might even be a life, and I never felt that until now.”


“Leslie helped me see grief, and death, as something sacred, in which there could be great learning. Losing my wife was the worst thing that ever happened to me, and I would give anything to have her here. At the same time, life feels more beautiful and more full because of the knowledge of how precious it is. Could it be possible that I am happier now? Not because of the loss, but because of how grief has expanded me.”
– Jim W

I see the beauty

“Besides being a well trained and skilled professional, Leslie took the pain and loss in her own life and made it into something beautiful and she helps others do the same.”
~ Jeffrey

A Wonderful Resource

The Wisdom of Grief is one of the most honest and powerful books that I have read in some time. Leslie Palumbo not only shared such a deeply personal look at her family’s process of mourning but how to take something so tragic and not simply move on, but find the beauty in life, and appreciate each step. I found the process of mindfulness extremely helpful and I especially liked the structure of the book. Having suffered a loss in my life in recent years, I found this book so poignant and helpful. It is a great guide in understanding these new and sometimes daunting feelings that you experience often alone. What a wonderful resource that I am truly grateful for. Beautifully written with great depth, thought and compassion. Thank you. – carilynp

I love this book

The Wisdom of Grief is an eloquently written piece that shares from personal experience the devastation of loss. Leslie Palumbo takes her readers on a journey through heartbreak and shock. She invites us to meet our pain through body~centered and mindfulness practices, which ultimately serve as a doorway to a larger perspective on life and the mystery in which we dwell. Through Leslie’s honest sharing and applied practices, the reader begins to experience being held by something larger then self. I love this book! I highly recommend The Wisdom of Grief!Gillian ~ Boulder CO

She gave me hope

I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve had many losses in my life. Just recently I lost my brother to suicide and still feeling the devastation of his loss. Leslie’s words touched my heart greatly and I am thankful to her for sharing her story about her mom. She gave me hope that I can get through my loss! I would highly recommend this book if you have had any kind of loss or know someone who is grieving.
– Mary A. Miller

Beautifully Written Survival guide

This book is an act of memory, and of love, not just a survival guide for the bereaved. Insightful and beautifully written, I highly recommend this book to anyone going through the loss of someone important in their life. – Miranda

The Wisdom of Grief

A fascinating case study of grief and mindfulness.  

~ Kirkus Review

Leslie Palumbo


Leslie Hunt Palumbo, LCSW

Guiding grieving people toward joy again by changing the conversation around grief to include the perspective and empowerment to live lives their loved ones would be proud of.

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