BLUEPRINT FOR GRIEF: A Comprehensive Guide

November 29-January 3

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to move through the sadness of this life transition and toward the return of equilibrium and joy.

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Grief is a unique yet universal experience. How it visits each of us is different, but the things we feel are quite similar. Sometimes just knowing what to expect is a huge benefit after you have just lost a loved one!

Grief feels overwhelming, but rest assured that as a healing process, it has its own intelligence, pace and rhythms, and you can learn to ride the waves of these. This is where grief coaching/counseling comes in—to help you with the support, strength, & perspective to move through this often overwhelming experience and connect with joy and love once again.

Private sessions are a kind of life coaching through the personal transformation that comes with grief, helping you to find the beauty that still remains to you in this life. They include compassionate support; addressing various physical & emotional symptoms of grief; psychoeducation; and a toolkit of strategies to help you find equilibrium during the storm of grief, stay connected to lost loved ones, and explore the existential identity crisis inherent grief, with the ultimate goal of restoration and expansion. Work directly with me in person or online.

Keynotes & Workshops

Healthcare & Hospice Organizations
Therapists and Health Care Workers
Schools & Educational Settings

Keynote Speaking Topics/ Workshops:
The Wisdom of Grief: Mining the Treasure Inherent in Great Loss
Mindfulness & Grief
The Gifts of Grief
The New Landscape of Grief: Unpacked
Getting Unstuck: Top Tools to Move Through Grief Fluidly

As a thought leader on grief, Leslie’s keynotes and workshops focuses on the Wisdom of Grief and the unexpected gifts and insight that come with this universal human experience. She has presented at workshops, retreats, academic conferences, health care settings, and corporations worldwide. All keynote & workshop presentations can be tailored to specific timeframe, audience, and intentions.

Leslie Palumbo Speaking

The Wisdom of Grief

A fascinating case study of grief and mindfulness.  

~ Kirkus Review


Leslie offers a limited series of signature workshops as well as educational series on Grief. Signing up is the best way to find out about these special offerings.

Leslie Palumbo


Leslie Hunt Palumbo, LCSW

Guiding grieving people toward joy again by changing the conversation around grief to include the perspective and empowerment to live lives their loved ones would be proud of.

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