Making Friends with Grief

     I have had my share of experience with grief. My mother’s suicide, the seven year journey of my husband’s terminal cancer, and a lifetime as a therapist working with the bereaved all might be indicators that I am somehow well-seasoned on the topic. But the truth...

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Five Tips to Move You Through Intense Grief

INTRODUCTION 1. Grief has its own intelligence. Be willing to surrender to and have faith in the greater healing process happening to you and trust that you WILL come out the other side and feel joy again. 2. Get behind yourself :). Meet yourself where you are at with...

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Three Tools of Grief

ONE:FAITH/TRUST- As a part of the immune system, grief is inherently restorative; as such we can trust it. Where we get stuck in grief is always where we stop moving with/trusting the experience and begin fighting it or questioning the sense of it. FAITH is an open...

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