Five Tips to Move You Through Intense Grief


1. Grief has its own intelligence. Be willing to surrender to and have faith in the greater healing process happening to you and trust that you WILL come out the other side and feel joy again.

2. Get behind yourself :). Meet yourself where you are at with compassion. Know that whatever you feel is valid. You are not crazy, you are just sad. You have a heart wound. 

3. Allow your pain to connect you with other people, not isolate you from them. That means letting people in to what you are feeling and going through.

4. You don’t have a choice about what has happened, but you DO have a choice in how you come out of it. Begin to create a vision for the larger context of this event in your life. 

5. Set a positive intention for how you would like to come out of this loss, and actually feel what it would be like to reach that place. Hold onto that vision for yourself. This has powerful conscious and unconscious effects in your life. It also grounds you by telling your grieving self where to head in ungrounded moments.