Reiki is an ancient, eastern, hands-on healing art that balances the energy centers in the body. Like acupuncture or shiatsu, Reiki opens areas of the body that are blocked and may be causing physical disorder. This powerful practice balances the body's subtle energies and releases restricted energy flow. The results are apparent on all levels- physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Because Reiki is a mind-body therapy, it is helpful for both emotional and physical suffering. It can be extremely helpful for the relief of physical pain, to counteract side effects of traditional western medications and treatments such as chemotherapy, and to ease emotional stress of any type. Studies show that Reiki speeds wound healing time, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and can be an effective method to manage pain. In recent years, the curative value of Reiki and other forms of therapeutic touch have been recognized as essential factors in healing and wellness and Reiki is now taught at nursing programs and offered at complementary health programs in hospitals around the country.

A Reiki session lasts about one hour. Clients lie clothed on a massage table and receive light touch work on the major chakra centers of the body. In addition to being both calming and rejuvenating, people experience Reiki as dynamically healing on many levels.

Leslie's Practice

Leslie is a gifted energy worker and Reiki Master of the Usui lineage. In her Reiki practice, she uses her training and intuition to help clients with physical and emotional blocks in the body, bringing healing with an added level of peace. In training others in this unique tradition, she enjoys watching people expand their intuition and inner sense of the healing power that we all possess. Leslie also offers ongoing Reiki practitioner circles as a wonderful way to expand the connection with those who practice this dynamic healing therapy. Check the calendar for upcoming Reiki training workshops as well as ongoing Reiki practitioner circles. Or contact Leslie for information on individual sessions and training.